Page from Emanuel Ringelblum’s diary

Lately, there have been persistent rumours about a ghetto in Warsaw, closed or open.

Wide dzienniki 2

17th March, 1940

Lately, there have been persistent rumours about a ghetto in Warsaw, closed or open [...]. To [the shop] at 23 Nalewki Street came some civilian to buy commodities. He chose them for 1400zl, and wanted to pay only 600zl. The seller snatched him the commodities out of his hands and reported it to the police. It turned out that he was German. As a ransom he got the commodities for free. Moreover, Polish police officers [took] 800zl to stay quiet.

Emanuel Ringelblum, Warsaw

E. Ringelblum, “Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw, 1988; diary from JHI’s collections, Ringelblum Archives

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