Page from Mordechai Wasser’s diary

The resettlement commission has sent us 100 bunks.

Wide dzienniki 2

15th March 1941

The resettlement commission has sent us 100 bunks. TOZ [Society for the Protection of Jewish Health] assigned to our spot a doctor and a nurse, who after general inspection said there were several cases of typhus, general pediculosis, scabies and general weakness caused by hunger. They ordered a bath and enforced quarantine for the rooms where typhoid had occurred. We have no medication. The patronage began today nutrition action. They sent us today a piece of bread (7 grams) and coffee (very weak) for each refugee and for dinner rather thin soup.

Mordechai Wasser, the supervisor at the shelter for the refugees in the Warsaw Ghetto

Diary from the collection of the Jewish Historical Institute, Ringelblum Archive

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