The Holocaust in Slovakia

For the first time in the Jewish Historical Institute we will have the opportunity to learn from the historian and expert of Slovakia how extermination of the Jews in that country proceeded.

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For the first time in the Jewish Historical Institute we will have the opportunity to learn from the historian and expert of Slovakia how extermination of the Jews in that country proceeded. Andrzej Krawczyk will present an overview of the Slovak Jewish community (including the phenomenon of the Neologue Synagogue), will discuss the relationship Slovakia — Third Reich, „Code of the Jews”, the problem of the Aryanization of Jewish property, the deportation of the Slovak Jews to the extermination camps, the role of Dietrich Wislicy, advisor of the Slovakia government for Jewish matter, „Grupa Robocza” a Jewish quasi local government, the case of The Vrba–Wetzler report (through which the world found out about Auschwitz, because the earlier Pilecki report was recognized by American analysts to be an exaggerated Polish propaganda and was sent to the archive).

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