The last conservation works

At the moment, the conservation works on the exhibits that will be presented in JHI on 17th April are coming to an end.

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At the moment, the conservation works on the exhibits that will be presented in JHI on 17th April are coming to an end. Among many objects that have been restored, there are two woodcuts by Jonasz Stern, pen drawings by Izaak Celnikier and a painting by Mark Oberländer Kol Nidre, which, according to Agnieszka Potrzebnicka-Romanowicz, an easel painting restorer in JHI, was in need of conservation. In order to obtain its aesthetic values, it was necessary to remove dirt and grime. A central conservation issue was strengthening a rather fragile layer of paint, which had been applied in impasto technique (using a putty knife). The final stage of restoring the painting will be making a stylized frame. 

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