Seminar of the Warsaw Research Group: Rabbis of the Warsaw Gubernia at the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. History of a certain group

Marta Rzepecka, Zofia Borzymińska and Rafał Żebrowski will present at the seminar.

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The lecture will be devoted to the history of the documents relating to the examinations of rabbis and candidates for rabbis, entitling them to holding post of rabbi and to the cooperation between the Warsaw Research Group and the Department of Archives in the restoration of the memory of 56 rabbis living in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, who later became spiritual guides in different Jewish communities in Poland and abroad.

The result of the undertaken collaboration was, being of great interest, an outdoor exhibition entitled „A CITY WITHOUT A RABBI CANNOT EXIST. RABBIS, ASSISTANT RABBIS AND CANDIDATES FOR RABBIS IN THE WARSAW GOVERNORATE in the years 1888–1912” organized in September 2012 in the Old Town in Warsaw by the State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Head Office of the State Archives. Also, an album of the same title (Polish-English edition) was released.

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