The Bornsztajns – the dynasty of the Sochaczew tzaddikim

Lecture of Paweł Fijałkowski about the history of the Sochaczew Jewish community, especially of the Hasidic movement.

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"Sochaczew – Is there a Polish Jew who does not know that name? They know it even far abroad. The town was actually similar to many hundreds of other Jewish towns in Poland. What made it so famous? This is due to the rebbe’s manor, the mansion of the tzaddikim who are known in the world under the name of Sochaczew. They
converted it almost into a concept: Sochaczew learning, Sochaczew Hasidism! [...] With the settling of Reb Awreml a new era in the life of the town was initiated: it gained in attractiveness, became a center of Torah and Hasidism. Youth of bright minds began to gather here furiously pursuing perfection, walking along a new path of Torah combined with Hasidism [...]”. (A. Chetzroni)

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