The Jewish Historical Institute began the preparation for the modern mobile app entitled “ Rękopisy tu grzebię i sieję…”

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The Jewish Historical Institute, combining the care over the priceless collection of documents constituting Ringelblum Archive with the innovative way of presenting and sharing, began the preparation for the modern mobile app entitled “ Rękopisy tu grzebię i sieję…”

The primary idea behind the application is for it to be a digital version of an exhibition of the same title. The exposition, which was very popular, opened to the public in the second half of last year.

The exhibition, for obvious reasons, reveals only a small fragment of the valuable collection. It was planned so that, in a synthetic way, it could show what Ringelblum Archive is. The sections of the exhibition showed who the members of the „Oneg Shabbat” were, what methods they had used while gathering the materials and what types of accounts they thought would be the best to describe everyday life in the closed district.

The app is a chance to show the exhibits recording the events not only on the massive scale, but also those being a moving testimony of the fate of individuals. 

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