Słowa pośród nocy

We are offering the readers an anthology “Słowa pośród nocy”, which presents a unique poetry in Yiddish, Polish and Hebrew from 1939–1945.

Wide slowa posrod nocy 1

Każde zdanie – wołanie zza grobu,

każde słowo – testament,

każda litera – otwarta rana...

Hilel Seidman

We are offering the readers an anthology “Słowa pośród nocy”, which presents a unique poetry in Yiddish, Polish and Hebrew from 1939–1945.

This poetry was born in the shade of tragic events — the extermination of six million Jews, which had a great impact on it. Each of the poems in the anthology is a separate, individual voice of the victims or the survivors, Polish Jews and the Polish of Jewish origin. 

The anthology presents a lot of poems which have not been published before in Polish, which were written in ghettos, camps or on the Aryan side. Their originals and copies are archived in the Jewish Historical Institute. Only individual poems come from other collections or publications.

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Translations by:

Marek Tuszewicki
Agnieszka Żółkiewska
Michał Koktysz

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