The events commemorating the 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings

This year in the whole of Poland takes place 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings.

Wide getto w bia ymstoku    ydzi sprz taj cy ulice
Jews cleaning the streets in the Białystok Ghetto

This year in the whole of Poland takes place 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings commemorating, among others, the events related to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, on 19th April, 1943, and in ghettos in: Białystok, Będzina, Częstochowa, Sosnowiec, Lviv and Vilnius, and also the armed revolt and the escape of the prisoners from the camps in Treblinka and Sobibor.

On 19th April 1943, on the eve of Jewish holiday Pesach, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising broke out. Not numerous, barely armed Jewish insurgents resisted for almost a month. The uprising ended in failure. On 16th May 1943 the Germans officially declared the end of the pacification operation and as a ‘sign of victory’ they blew up the building of the Great Synagogue at Tłomakie

The armed insurgency awoke the will to fight in other still alive Jews. The uprising in Warsaw became a signal for similar but less in scale armed insurgencies in other ghettos (among others, in Białystok, Będzina, Częstochowa, Sosnowiec, Lviv and Vilnius)

A Jewish resistance movement was born also in concentration and extermination camps. It was visible mainly through sabotage and organizing escapes. Additionally, in some of the camps armed insurgencies took place. The prisoners’ revolts usually broke out shortly before the destruction of the camps (among others in Treblinka and Sobibor)

This year in the whole of Poland will take place the 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings. The following four events will be the main focus:

  • 19th April — 16th May — the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
  • 2nd August — armed revolt and escape of the prisoners from Treblinka
  • 16th-27th August — the Białystok Ghetto Uprising
  • 14th October — armed revolt and escape of the prisoners from Treblinka
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