The Jewish History Quarterly

The Jewish History Quarterly is a publication targeted specifically to people interested in the history of the Jews in Poland.

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The Jewish History Quarterly is a publication targeted specifically to people interested in the history of the Jews in Poland, mainly to Polish and foreign researchers. The thematic scope of the periodical covers the history of the Jews from ancient times through the most recent years, yet the most extensively represented are the years of the Second World War. In addition to articles, historical sources are also published in the periodical: documents from the Polish and foreign archives, as well as diaries and memoirs. Special attention is given to local historiography and to Jewish communities living in less-known regions and small towns. Each issue includes reviews of Polish and foreign publications, reviews of foreign journals (mostly Jewish) and a bibliography of publications on Jewish subjects coming out in Poland. English abstracts are provided to articles in Polish; sometimes we also publish articles in English and German, and source materials in Hebrew.

The predecessor of the Quarterly was the Jewish Historical Institute Bulletin, published since November 1949, in which were published articles concerning the history of the Jews in Poland, with an emphasis on the World War II period. Until 1953, the Bulletin was a half — yearly and then a quarterly. Through the over 60-year-long history of the Quarterly, it was directed by outstanding researchers of the history of Polish Jews, among others: Bernard Mark, Szymon Datner, Artur Eisenbach, Marian Fuks, Maurycy Horn, Jerzy Tomaszewski, Szymon Rudnicki, Daniel Grinberg and Alina Cała. Currently the editor of the Jewish Historical Quarterly (the Quarterly has been published under this title since 2001) is Jan Doktór and the secretary — Michał Czajka.

In 2011, the Quarterly was registered on the list of outstanding academic journals (Master Journal List), which is the world‘s most significant index of leading academic journals, developed and updated by the Institute for Scientific Information. Journals on the Philadelphia List are considered the best in each discipline.

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