Great Purim Bal

You are cordially invited to the Great Purim Ball, which will take place on February 21st at the Hotel Europejski.

Wide purim plakat duzy

You are cordially invited to the Great Purim Ball, which will take place on February 21st at the Hotel Europejski. The ball will begin with a presentation by the Klanczyk Improvisational Theater, which will put on a traditional Purimshpil in an unusual interpretation. Then you are invited to dance. The famed Warsaw DJs Envee and Warsaw Balkan Madness will play and an MC will encourage all to join in. At midnight, the best costume of the evening will be announced.

A display based on drawings and typography from the Book of Esther and photos of pre-war Purim balls was put together, especially on the occasion of this ball, by Joanna Jurczak. As a souvenir, guests will also be able to have themselves photographed in the specially designed photo studio of Jedrek Sokolowski. 

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