Bible as an antidote to anti-Semitism!

I encourage you to read an interview which I gave for the Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna

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I encourage you to read an interview which I gave for the Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna [Catholic Information Agency]. I talk in it about my fascination with the Bible, road to Judaism, friendship of my mother, eminent poet, Anna Kamieńska with the Reverend Jan Twardowski, as well as about anti-Semitism and great contribution of the Jews to the Polish culture. I also shared plans of the Jewish Historical Institute regarding the events commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I talk in it about future exhibitions and research.

„Reading the Bible is an antidote to anti-Semitism,” thinks Prof Paweł Śpiewak, sociologist, historian of ideas and populariser of the Bible. In an interview for Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna, the director of the Jewish Historical Institute emphasises that Day of Judaism, celebrated on 17th January, is „a great revolution”.

„The fact that people talk about Judaism in terms of respect, and not strangeness or enmity is an achievement of the last few years,” he emphasises.


the interview

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