Symposium on „the National Movement”

I would like to invite you to an open symposium prepared as part of seminar The Research Group on the Problem of Anti-Semitism.

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In the name of the management of the Jewish Historical Institute, the panel and my own, I would like to invite you to an open symposium prepared as part of seminar The Research Group on the Problem of Anti-Semitism. The symposium, entitled „The National Movement — new populism/ new challenges/ new threats?”, will be devoted to current social phenomena, Polish and European political scene, right-wing extremism and extreme right politics and also the latest research on the phenomenon of anti-Semitism.

Recent events in Białystok and Warsaw, attacks on politicians and academics as well as posts on internet forums, and above all, power to mobilise social groups (for example, in the form of March of Independence) make us think about the causes of the rise of the extreme right politics in Poland, its popularity, electoral potential, prospects for its development and its influence on public life, as well as the part which anti-Semitism plays in this ideology.

The symposium will be divided into two parts referring to the following issues:

„The National movement and right-wing political scene in Poland” and „The National Movement — extreme right politics. Poland against the background of Europe.” During the symposium it will be possible to listen to speeches given by Tomasz Wrzosek, Rafał Pankowski, Mikołaj Cześnik, Andreas Kahr, Dariusz Kałan. Moderators of the discussion panels will be Ewa Nalewajko and Łukasz Jurczyszyn. I entourage you to acquaint yourselves with the program of the symposium and to visit the Jewish Historical Institute on 18th January at 12:00.

Grzegorz Krzywiec (Institute of History PAN/The Research Group on the Problem of Anti-Semitism, JHI)


Photographs from the symposium

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