Anna Kamińska — Sensitivity and subjectivity. Emmanuel Levinas’ Theory and Janusz Korczak’s Practice

In the discussion of Anna Kamińska’s book will take part: Anna Sobolewska, Yaron Karol Becker, Adam Lipszyc, Andrzej Mencwel.

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The next meeting from the series that began on 5th January, 2012, in connection with the Year of Janusz Korczak. The first meeting this year from series My Korczak will be devoted to Anna Kaminska’s book entitled “Wrażliwość a podmiotowość. Teoria Emmanuela Levinasa i praktyka Janusza Korczaka.” In the discussion of the book will take part: Anna Sobolewska, Yaron Karol Becker, Adam Lipszyc and Andrzej Mencwel.

The speakers will be probably looking for answers to many questions, among others, What different Korczak’s and Levinas’ readers will find in the confrontation of the meanings? Which questions of the contemporary philosopher of dialogue, Emmanuel Levinas, can be considered as asked on behalf of Janusz Korczak? Was Korczak a religious person, and if so, what was the religiousness based on? In what sense is Korczak a dialogical character?

The book was published by Publishing Institute “Maximum”, Kracow 2012

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