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International Seminar on Best Korczak’s Practices

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We invite you to participate in an international educational seminar summarizing the Year of Janusz Korczak. The idea ofthe seminar is to create space to present the most interesting projects organized by schools, cultural centers, NGOs and other institutions for which this year was important in terms of understanding and implementing the broadly understood Korczak’s thinking. The seminar will also be attended by special guests — representatives of Korczak’s organizations operating outside Poland, who will talk about the activities relating to the promotion of the figure of Janusz Korczak and the education in their countries.

We offer three opportunities to participate in the seminar:

• Oral presentation at the plenary session (10 minutes)

• Board, poster, roll-up, printed informational materials, leaflets distributed at the projects fair, *

Multimedia presentation (no comments, up to 10 slides, up to 1 MB).


Organizer: Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute

Co-organizers: the International Janusz Korczak Association, Polskie Stowarzyszenie im. Janusza Korczaka, the UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair in the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education, Fundacja Korczakowska

* It is possible to submit only informational materials about the projects through by post to the following address: ul. Tłomackie 3/5, 00–090 Warszawa.

Submitted materials will be presented at the project fair.

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