Our exhibition in Bratislava

With great pleasure, I am honoured to inform about another international success of the Jewish Historical Institute.

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With great pleasure, I am honoured to inform about another international success of the Jewish Historical Institute.

Today at 5pm will take place the opening of our exhibition „...I bury and plant manuscripts...”. Memory of the World. The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, which we have lent to the Polish Institute in Bratislava. The vernissage will be preceded by a panel Discussion about the historical remembrance, which I will participate in with Miloš Žiak, a prose writer and essayist, president of the board of directors of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, author of the project Lost City (Stratené mesto), devoted to Jewish Bratislava. The debate will be moderated by Dr. Andrzej Krawczyk, historian and Polish ambassador to Slovakia.

Have a look at the photographs from the opening of the exhibition at the JHI, on 2nd July, 2012

Polish Institute in Bratislava

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