Rav. Rabbi. Rebbe. Rabbis in Poland

The opening ceremony will take place on 10th December at 6pm in the lobby of the Jewish Historical Institute.

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We are honoured to invite you to the exhibition Rav. Rabbi. Rebbe. Rabbis in Poland. The opening ceremony will take place on 10th December at 6pm in the lobby of the Jewish Historical Institute. It is another project showing our rich collections. The exhibitions will show paintings, antique books and photographs of rabbis operating in Poland. They will allow us to have a closer look at the iconography of the rabbis, observe the changes, and see what remained untouched.

For many centuries Poland was a domain of the largest Jewish population of the Diaspora and the most important center of spiritual and social life was the synagogue, led by a rabbi. He took care of Cheders and Yieshivas; he was an advisor and commentator of religious law and administrator of the Jewish community. Rabbis became known in Polish history and culture as its commentators and active participants. At the exhibition, we are showing not only religious, but also social, economic, charitable, and political involvement of the rabbis in current events.

The opening of the exhibition will be preceded by the lighting of Hannukah lights at 5:30pm.


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