Lecture about lecture

Meeting with Bożena Wojnowska and Henryk Talar

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The meeting will be devoted to Janusz Korczak’s travel to Palestine and a lecture that took place on 8th November, 1936 at the Main Judaist Library. The lecture about Korczak’s lecture will be given by dr Bożena Wojnowska. It will be accompanied by a presentation of photopraphs from Janusz Korczak’s travel to Palestine. After 76 years, Korczak’s notes about Palestine will be read by Henryk Talar.

Dr Bożena Wojnowska — a co-editor of “The Works” of Janusz Korczak, the author of works about him in collective books (“Janusz Korczak-writer-teacher-thinker”, 1997, Korczak’s dialogues, 1999; Polish-Jewish Literature, 2011) and magazines (“Res Publica Nowa”, „Dialogue and Universalism”, „Midrasz”, „Więź”). She co-organized an exhibition and conference about Korczak in the Jewish Historical Institite (2001, 2002). She also published there Korczak’s “Listy i rozmyślania palestyńskie” (Letters and thoughts on Palestine), 1999.

Henryk Talar — a graduate from Cracaw PWST, an actor in the National Theater. He has played Janusz Korczak in a radio drama “Pages of my life” broadcast by Polskie Radio.

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