“Orphans — Korczak’s subject of his life”

A lecture by Piotr Matywiecki from series MY KORCZAK

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Piotr Matywiecki — a poet and essayist, the authour of such books as “Od początku”, “Ta chmura powraca”, “Twarz Tuwima”, and also a magnificent work “Kamień graniczny”. In his lecture from series MY KORCZAK he is going to ephasis the existentional, cultural and metaphisical meaning of the word “orphan” in Korczak’s philosophy.

The lecture by Piotr Matywiecki from series “Thursdays on Tłomackie” was another one from the series of lectures entitled My Korczak. In Korczak’s year the Jewish Historical Institute invites profound experts on the biography and works of Janusz Korczak to give lectures on, the most important to them, aspects of Janusz Korczak’s life. The lecture by Piotr Matywiecki was devoted to the issue of orphans in terms of Korczak’s pedagogical and humanist thoughts.

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