The winners of 2012 edition of the Bałaban Contest

The winners of the 5-th edition of the Bałaban Contest for the best graduation and Ph.D. works about Jews and Israel.

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The decision of the fifth edition of the Majer Bałaban Competition for the best PhD and MA thesis on Jewish themes, organized by the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute. The level, wide thematic range and number of submitted works prove, to the satisfaction of the organizers of the competition, that the theme of the history and culture of Jews has become a subject of interest at many Polish universities. All submissions will be filed in the Archives of the Jewish Historical Institute.

The Jury of the Fifth Edition of the Majer Bałaban Competition at the meeting on the 16thOctober 2012, decided as follows:

In the category of the PhD thesis, the first prize was awarded to:

Bartłomiej Krupa – To Relate the Holocaust. Polish prose and historiography of the Holocaust (1987–2003)

The second prize went to:

Paweł Wolski – Tadeusz Borowski – Primo Levi. A parallel.

The third prize went to:

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski – The New Synagogue in Poznań. A virtual reconstruction.

In the category of the PhD thesis, one distinction was awarded to the work of:

Karolina Ruta: „To express the inexpressible.” Linguistic and stylistic analysis of the tetralogy ofJesus of Nazarethby Roman Brandstaetter


In the category of MA thesis, two worksex aequowere awarded the first prize:

Bartłomiej Proc –Persian versus HebrewAngelology

Piotr Wojciech Pęziński – The Jewish youth movement in the People’s Republic of Poland 1956–1968

The second prize was not awarded. 

The thrid prize went to:

Bartłomiej Stawiarski – Material culture of Ashkenazi Jews in the Middle Ages. Selected problems

The jury also awarded three parallel awards for master’s theses:

Agnieszka Pajączkowska – Picture taken, image retrieved — photography before, during and after the Holocaust based on the example of ID photos and portraits

Anna Piątek — The character of Jesus and Christian topics in modern Hebrew poetry (selected examples)

Maria Krawczyk – Women of “the Golden Era” of Jewish cinema in Poland. Heroines and actresses.

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