Discussion about the book „Diary and other writings of the ghetto” Janusz Korczak

The invited guests pointed out many aspects of Korczak’s texts assembled in the publication.

Wide korczak and children

The first post-holiday meeting from series “Thursdays on Tłomackie” was devoted to, the book released in August with texts by Janusz Korczak entitled “The Diary and other texts from the ghetto.” Invited to the discussion were: Marta Ciesielska (Korczakianum Center for Documentation and Research), prof. Jacek Leociak (IBL PAN, Polish Center for Holocaust Research) and Piotr Matywiecki. The discussion will be chaired by Wojciech Lasota (Korczak’s Foundation)

The invited guests pointed out many aspects of Korczak’s texts assembled in the publication. Jacek Leociak emphasized the fact that they are modern, hybrid, and exceptional in terms of the ghetto literature. Piotr Matywiecki made a remark, with which the other speakers agreed, that each re-reading of the diary allows the reader to see new threads, but always leaves them helpless to understand the whole piece. The diary compared with Korczak’s whole literary output, according to Marta Ciesielska, is not any different, as there are many autobiographical threads, episodes from his childhood, and it is also imbued with the ideas of the late nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries.

“The Diary and other writings from the ghetto” by Janusz Korczak is undoubtedly a masterpiece of literature, the last work — a full stop of his life. “The Diary” is a crowning achievement of Korczak’s legacy, and thus the summa of his writing.

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