Olga Medvedev-Nathoo: „May their lives be easier. About Korczak and his pupil”

The book „May their lives be easier. About Janusz Korczak and his pupil ’’ tells the story of the orphanage in the years 1923–1930

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The fate of many Korczak’s students can be read as part of the his Selcected Works. You can see in them a distinctive, recognizable Korczak plan. Book „May their lives be easier... The Janusz Korczak and his wychowanku talks about the orphanage occupant during 1923–1930”. As part of the „footsteps of Korczak in Canada”, this book continues a series of extensive interviews that the author conducted with former newspaper correspondent Korczakowska for children „Little Review”. Get it, until it is too late, valuable elusive details of the past — this is the goal that guided work-Nathoo Olga Medvedev.

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