A Matter of Honor: The Printed Yiddish Word in the People’s Republic of Poland

Rachelle Grossman (Harvard University, ŻIH) wygłosi referat w języku angielskim poświęcony prasie w języku jidysz w Polsce międzywojennej.

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Na seminarium naukowym 17 marca referat wygłosi Rachelle Grosman z Uniwersytetu Harvarda, współpracowniczka ŻIH.

A Matter of Honor: The Printed Yiddish Word in the People’s Republic of Poland

While in the latter half of the 20th century the fate of Yiddish was sealed by its dramatic decline, in the early decades after the Holocaust, there was, in fact, a surge in Yiddish publishing. Warsaw and Buenos Aires were at the center of this global phenomenon, publishing thousands—by some counts, millions—of individual books that traveled through a volatile diasporic network.
What did it mean for editors and publishers to produce Yiddish literature in this era? While many of these texts served to commemorate the Holocaust, these presses also continuously insisted that Yiddish was an active force in the world. In this talk, I will discuss the Warsaw-based Yidish-bukh farlag, active between 1947–68.
At the intersection of Jewish cultural production and state intervention, the Yidish-bukh farlag operated within both local and transnational networks. Through an analysis of the press’ interest in historical materials, political texts, and the Yiddish canon, I will discuss how the prolific activities of this press reveal competing tensions about the utility of Yiddish and the place of Jews within the People’s Republic of Poland.

Rachelle Grossman is a doctoral candidate in comparative literature at Harvard University. She is currently a research fellow at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. Her research is concerned with the transformation of Yiddish literature in the postwar era, with a particular focus on the activities of Yiddish presses in Poland and Argentina. She holds a Master’s in Jewish Education and a Bachelor’s in Modern Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary as well as a Bachelor’s in Comparative Literature from Columbia University.

Spotkanie odbędzie się 17 marca o 11:00 w Błękitnym Wieżowcu (wejście od ulicy Tłomackie).

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