Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira’s „Sermons from the Years of Rage, 1939–1942”, and Theology of Suffering

The lecture of dr. Daniel Reiser in the Jewish Historical Institute.

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Rabbi Shapira, a Holocaust victim and the Grand Rebbe of Piaseczno, used to deliver priceless sermons in the Warsaw Ghetto during the war. The original manuscript of these sermons is located in Warsaw’s Jewish Historical Institute Archives. The lecture paints a new picture of this important, universal and historical document and unveils the personal story of its fascinating author.

Dr. Daniel Reiser is the director of the Department of Jewish Thought at Herzog Academic College and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Religious and Spiritual studies at Zefat Academic College. He received his PhD in Jewish Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was an adjunct lecturer in the department of Jewish Thought there. Reiser specializes in Kabbalah, Hasidic philosophy, modern Mysticism, and theology in the Shoah. He was Warburg Post-Doctoral Fellow in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a Yad-Vashem Post-Doctoral Fellow in Jerusalem and a Claims Conference Saul Kagan Post-Doctoral Fellow in Advanced Shoah Studies, New York. He is the author of several books and articles (published in Hebrew, English and Polish). His book Vision as a Mirror (2014) was awarded the World Union of Jewish Studies Matanel Prize for the best book in Jewish Thought published during the years 2013–2014. Daniel is proficient in deciphering Hebrew and Yiddish manuscripts and has published a critical and annotated edition (2 Vol.) of Rabbi Shapira’s Sermons during the Holocaust according to manuscripts found in ZIH, Poland, and a series of articles dealing with Hasidic Yiddish sermons.

The seminar will take place on 13th July, 11 a.m. in a meeting room located in the Blue Tower (entrance from Tłomackie Street).

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