Jewish Luck: Deportation to Siberia

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Jewish Luck: Deportation to Siberia

 This paper will examine the responses of Polish Jews to their deportation to the Soviet interior in late 1939 and throughout the spring and summer of 1940. Using primarily testimonial literature, it will probe the ways in which the experience was understood at the time, as well as how it has been reinterpreted in retrospect. While thousands of Polish Jews and non-Jews were forced into collective farms, labor camps and prison camps in Kazakhstan, the Urals, the Arctic and Siberia, their post-war writings on this time have diverged greatly.

Seminar will be held on Tuesday, April 25th 2017. Beginning: 11:00.

Eliyana Adler, an Associate Professor at the Pennsylvania State University in the US, is currently a research fellow at the German Historical Institute of Warsaw. After publishing several articles on the topic, she is writing a book about Polish Jews who survived the Second World War as refugees and deportees in the Soviet Union. She is the author of In Her Hands: The Education of Jewish Girls in Tsarist Russia (Wayne State University Press, 2011), and co-editor of Jewish Literature and History: An Interdisciplinary Conversation (University Press of Maryland, 2008); Reconstructing the Old Country: American Jewry in the Post-Holocaust Decades (WSUP, 2017) and volume 30 of Polin, dedicated to the history of Jewish education in Eastern Europe.

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